Tesla Fleet of Myrtle Beach

The self-made car sharing king

Living in the tourist spot of Myrtle Beach, SC, Jerry grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit and an enthusiasm for cool cars.

Jerry, now 32, has spent the past few years using Turo to be his own boss. Turo allows me to earn a stable income, own a rotating cast of amazing cars, and work from the comfort of my own home.

“I love cars, I’m good with people, and I make good money,” he explains. “As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for the most viable opportunity. Turo is obviously the leader in the car sharing industry, and they’re growing faster than everyone else.”

From his first Model S to multiple Teslas

I found my grey Model S P85+ on an ebay auction!. It was a repo and the I saw on the carfax that the original owner had paid $120k for it. I got it for a steal! I ended up listing that car on Turo. Almost immediately I had my first booking… and then it snowballed from there!”

The Tesla made solid returns, so I decided to buy a second one to double my income and build my credit. A few months later, I added a brand new Tesla Model 3 Performance, and then a Model X P90D. I had a feeling the Tesla Cybertruck would do well as a rental so I put a pre-order down on that as well. “My credit score was stellar at that point, so I started looking to keep adding more cars to my fleet.”

Tesla Model 3 Performance

As I watched the money roll in, I realized that I could turn my Turo business into a full-time gig.

“I enjoy competing in the marketplace,” Jerry says. “I’m really aggressive with my listing and pricing, so my cars usually don’t sit for more than a day or two. And the best part is meeting guests and seeing the expression on their faces when they come to pick up a cool car — they really flip out!

Collecting cars and building the fleet

Today, Jerry’s a top-performing All-Star Host, with 100 completed trips and an impressive stable of vehicles, including a Tesla Model S, a Model 3, and the upcoming Cybertruck. All of the vehicles are the performance models.

“The performance model is definitely the best way to experience a Tesla! They have all the premium options included and the crazy fast 0-60 acceleration.”

Jerry with his Model 3

It’s all about the experience

I always go above and beyond to make sure my guests have an amazing experience when renting my cars.

Jerry with his Model S P85+

“The most exciting part about Turo is getting to lead the way in a new market. The marketplace changes often and you have to adapt, adjust your business model, and move forward.”

Saving for the future

“The Tesla Roadster is my ultimate dream car. With a price tag of $200k I’ll be saving up for that one for the next couple years!”

Jerry plans on being with Turo for the foreseeable future. “I use Turo to fund pretty much everything,” he says. But in addition to day-to-day expenses, new cars, and vacations around the world, he’s also saving up for his next big venture.

“I plan on adding some condo rentals here in Myrtle Beach, I think that would go perfectly with my car rentals.”

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